SNAP Benefits

In SC 62,560 seniors are using SNAP to buy healthy food. Are you?

It’s important to eat right, even when money is tight! Eating healthy doesn’t have to bust your budget.
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides seniors with an average of $119 each month to put healthy food on the table. Why Should you apply?

NCOA-SNAP-Infographic_0217-768x994Why should you apply!

Mr. and Ms. Sam
Story from Catawba Area Agency on Aging in Rock Hill, SC

Mr. and Ms. Sam, 78 and 69, were at the end of their rope trying to find ways to meet their day-to-day expenses. Their biggest fear was that they would not be able to see their doctor because of overdue medical bills. They were approved to receive SNAP, helping them focus on their health.

Story from Senior Community Outreach Services in Alamo, TX

Ricardo, 62, was self-employed and successful, but had to stop working after he was diagnosed with end stage renal disease. After being hospitalized and losing his steady source of income, he found out he was eligible for SNAP benefits that helped stretch his food budge


Please contact Trident Area Agency on Aging at 843-554-2275 

or email to request to apply for your SNAP Benefits.