Information and Referral Assistance Program

The Regional Information Referral and Assistance Specialist Program is established to help identify, understand, and effectively access services.  The Regional Information Referral and Assistance Specialists are professional staff with a comprehensive understanding of the service delivery system and are understanding of and sensitive to the needs of people seeking help and information.  They work to assure that the most relevant, accessible, comprehensive, accurate and timely information is available.

The Information and Referral Program assists individuals, families and the community to identify, understand and effectively use the programs that are part of the human service delivery system. Information and Referral services facilitate long-range planning by tracking requests for services and identifying gaps and duplications. These specialists help people to better understand their problems and make informed decisions about possible solutions. They may advocate on behalf of individuals, and reinforce the individual’s capacity for self-reliance and self-determination through education, affirmation, collaborative planning and problem solving. Community services are a vital link bringing people and resources together.

In SC 62,560 seniors are using SNAP benefits to buy healthy food.

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GetCareSC is your guide to available resources for older adults, people with disabilities, their family members and caregivers in South Carolina. It is a program of the South Carolina Department on Aging

Information, Assistance and Referral programs support practices that respect everyone’s right to:

  • Anonymous and confidential access to information
  • Assistance based on the inquirer’s personal value system
  • Treatment that respects the individual and exhibits cultural sensitivity
  • Self-determination
  • Choice in access to services
  • Accurate and comprehensive information appropriate to address individual needs.