Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the formal Board of Directors in order to more effectively guide the organization. The Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended, requires TAAA to establish an Advisory Council. The purpose of the Council is to advise the TAAA Board of Directors, to share visions of areas to pursue in the future and to prioritize and identify the needs of seniors, adults with disabilities and caregivers. Each year, the Advisory Council develops and identifies priority areas and develops key deliverables for each area.

  • Chair – Nancy Goodman
  • Vice Chair – Abby Mittelmann
  • Secretary – Wes Perich
  • Anne Arrington
  • Chuck Smiley
  • Heather O'Donnell
  • Jamie Robinson
  • Mary Peters
  • Mary Rohaley
  • Marlene Williamon
Advisory Council Meeting Minutes January 18 2024
Advisory Council Meeting Minutes March 21, 2024